Security and Allied Services

Smart Security & Manpower Supplier Pvt. Ltd. is a company of Pacific Group. Its major functions are to provide Security and Allied Services to various categories of its clients. Those categories are:

  1. Manufacturing Industries
  2. Corporate Houses
  3. Educational Institutions
  4. Health Services and Hospitals
  5. Banks, ATMs, and Financial Institutions
  6. BPOs
  7. Government Organizations
  8. Shopping Malls and Theaters
  9. Hotels and Hospitality Industries
  10. Ports and Airports
  11. Malty Storied Building Premises and Housing Societies
  12. Commercial Buildings and Complexes
  13. Industrial Estates
  14. Civil Construction Sites
  15. Railway Stations and Railway Properties
  16. Examination Centers
  17. Law Chambers and Courts
  18. Government/ Private Roadways Escorts
  19. Embassies and Consulates
  20. Parking Lots
  21. Traffic Control
  22. Military Establishments
  23. IT Parks and IT Industries
  24. Bodyguards with/without Weapon
  25. VIP Protection
  26. Gunmen
  27. Event Security
  28. Surveillance
  29. Lookout
  30. Undercover Surveillance

Our Uniqueness over other Security Agencies:

Unlike other Security agencies working in the State:

  1. We have our full flagged call center of our own serving as twenty four hour customer care center.
  2. We have well drafted and well defined Standard Operating (SOP) Procedure to mange security in an effective way.
  3. The Agency is guided and controlled by the books of Ethics & Standards and Company’s Policy Statement (CPS).
  4. We have our reserved force for substituting security personnel at our sites in case of any absence or illness of those security personnel who are deputed at any of our customer’s place thereby we eliminate performance of overtime or double duties by our personnel.
  5. We are having an experience of more than thirty years in the field and also having our presence in almost all major cities of the country.
  6. We have been first Private Security agency of this country to be selected to work inside Airport along with CISF. This selection could duly be possible on merit of our service.    

Our Hiring Standards For Security Personnel Are:

  1. Have a legal right to work in India.
  2. Have a high degree of integrity
  3. Be of good moral character.
  4. If required, successfully pass a stringent physical examination.
  5. Be emotionally and mentally stable.
  6. Not be a chronic user of alcoholic beverages
  7. Have no addiction to habit forming drugs
  8. Have no conviction for any crime
  9. Have no record of discharge from previous employment because of misconduct
  10. Do not have a juvenile record of the sort that is disqualifying
  11. Have a desire to learn, progress and develop
  12. Be a high school examination passed
  13. Have a good credit rating in the community
  14. Successfully pass a test administered by this Security Company