Our History

Company History :

Since its founding in the year 2015, Smart Security & Manpower Supplier Pvt. Ltd. has distinguished itself  by its total commitment to Security Professionalism.

We offer the most thoroughly screened, the best trained, and the most strictly supervised Security Personnel throughout the Country. More applicants fail than pass our employment tests. The one out of ten who passes receives more training than the state requires. And, once they are given an assignment, our security personnel receive very strict supervision. We instill pride in our security personnel and it pays off. We furnish our security personnel with quality uniforms and equipment at an expense higher than any other Security Company, so that they give a proper impression to both the public and themselves. We motivate them toward better performance with programs designed to recognize and reward their efforts. These include Security Person of the month and Security person of the year Awards, as well as promotions. As a result, we keep moral and performance high and turnover low.