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SMART SECURITY & MANPOWER SUPPLIERS PVT. LTD. offer skilled workers from India. We take this opportunity in introducing ourselves as one of the leading Recruiting Agent registered in The Ministry of labor Govt. of India. We have signed agreement to recruit candidate on contract basis. At present we have 2000 workers experienced in contract and works related also. Our organization is well experience in this field and we are having contracts with the DAV, TATA, and Mahindra etc. When Individuals are contractually employed by our agency and our agency supply there services to other Organization. Employer Employee relationship is existed between men power agency and the individual.

SMART SECURITY &  MANPOWER SUPPLIER PVT. LTD. is supplying manpower services to other Organization. We transfer employee to other company for some period. The salary is debited to other company. This is the big example of manpower supply service. We provided in addition to employment for a consideration of work. SMART SECURITY & MANPOWER SUPPLIER PVT. LTD. undertakes to produce a give result for the establishment through contract labor supplies labor for any work of establishment.

We hires labors for work of establishment and labors work under supervision of contracts and principal employer has no control on labors so contract is for some work and not for supply of manpower, there is no manpower supply service liability. Our transactions for manpower supply and security services entered on 2015. SMART SECURITY & MANPOWER SUPPLIER PVT. LTD. would not pose any problem and manifestly the service receiver would be liable to discharge 100% GST under reverse charged.


  • Our main vision is to provide security services that minimize the burden of industries.
  • Ouronly aim is to satisfy our cusomer at first priority because customer believe is our first priority.
  • Provide the best man power  to the all industrial sectors.
  • Our main aim is to cover the  whole security systems of all the industrial sectors and serve them better security services as they expected.


Smart Security & Manpower Suppliers Pvt.Ltd.  always ready for the best security and manpower services that could decrease the burden of the security and other security related issues.Customer believe is the only key that our company running on and their belief proven over time that is  beneficial both for the clients and  the company.

  • Client-focused security services.
  • Security services with best cost effective prices.
  • Maintain a safe  and better workplace for the industries and as well as commercial or non-commercial sectors.

Smart Security

Our Customer is our first priority